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Welcome to 100% Free Christian resources,
You will find some of the best 100% FREE Christian links just one click away, just like...

Bible software: you will find some of the biggest "hidden" treasures of all the internet.
Like , a easy to use bible software program with a value of more than 500$ for FREE download.

MP3 Bible: Don´t have time to read the word of God? Listen to it! Follow our links and... listen online, download or order free! The choice is yours.

Biblestudy tools: God´s word the bible can be boring and hard to understand, therfore we have some greate Biblestudy tools to help you grow.

Online Bibles: Reading the bible at your work? Sure, browse to the Online bible section and chose your prefered translation.

Daily Devotionals: Get them online or send by email, chose a topic of interest and start in your daily walk with Jesus Christ, growing as a christian is important, so get started now.

Our mission is to help you:
Grow daily in the love of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Trough Bible reading, devotional, Prayer and fellowship with other christians in a local church.

God bless,
Markus Leder

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Inspirational bible quotes!

God's Promises for us

Daily Online Devotional

Spurgeons Daily Devotional

Daily Encounter with GOD

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Audio - MP3

FREE Audio Sermons & Biblestudies
Huge list of FREE mp3 sermons and mp3 bible studies, ready to listen and download, all sorted by topic!

Audio Library!!!

Worship download

Sermons - audio mp3

About Him! Music

Christian Music MP3

Free Chr. music MP3

Audio Sermons

Christian Audio and News

Christian MP3 Club
Yahoo message board featuring a Christian MP3 information source and trading post.

Christian MP3 Downloads from Koinonia House
Contains a collection of MP3 audio commentaries for purchase and some for download free.

Christian MP3 Web Ring
A web ring devoted to sites that feature Christian MP3s. Features an explanation of the ring, and a form where new sites can be added.

Christian Music
Hit parade of popular Christian music groups from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus with lyrics and songs in MP3 format, available for free download.

Free MP3 Downloads - Music of Rafael Brom
Features a large number of MP3 audio clips for download.

MiRea's Christian MP3s
Large list of links to Christian bands and MP3 download sites.
Contains a large collection sermons and Christian music in MP3 format. Listeners can download the files, or tune into the various streaming stations running.

Daily Devotionals

Great Online Devotionals
Read our online devotionals and be refreshed and inspired!

Daily Online Devotional
Grow daily in the love and understanding of Jesus Christ!

Spurgeons Daily Morning & Evening Devotional
Read daily devotionals from the "Prince of preachers"

Inspirational Bible Quotes!
Get Inspired by Gods Word, read daily short scripture passages and meditate on them. Just like David did!

God's Promises for us
God's word the Bible has many Promises we can claim! Look at our Biblepromises and meditate in them or try to do a Bible Promise Study!

Todays Devotional!!!
Daily devotional

Games, devotions and ideas for youthwork
everything what a youthworker needs to prepare for a group meeting, camp, birthday party or other events with young people.

A Bible Devotion
Scripture texts with reflections. A daily e-mail also available.

Bible Food Devotional
Free weekly, non-denominational E-mail devotional. Archives and contact.

Bible Verse of the Day
Single Bible verse to read or can be sent by email.

Christian Daily Devotions by phone
Sign up for daily phone calls with recorded bible messages and Christian daily devotions.  

Christian Fellowship Devotionals
An inspirational word for every day, either e-mail or on-line. The archives may be browsed by topic, author, or Bible reference.

Christian Warriors
Bible studies, thoughts, poems and inspirational stories.

The Christian Worker
Spiritual food email or online.

Daily 60-Second
Elisabeth Elliot
Chr. Fellowship Dev.
List of Devotionals!!!
Bibles online

Analytical-Literal Translation of the New Testament
The Byzantine Majority Text as translated by Gary F. Zeolla.

The Apostolic Bible Polyglot
Interlinear Bible presents New Testament Greek text and Old Testament Septuagint Greek with English translation and Strong's numbers (PDF-format). Lexical concordance and English-Greek reference.

Offers the Bible in mp3 audio format for free download in several different languages and translations including English, Hindi, Mandarin, and Spanish. Offers King James and WEB versions in English.

Bible in Modern English
Charles Tempelton's blending of the four gospels of the New Testament into a single modern English narrative.

Bible Keeper
Offers the Bible text in several versions and languages including Albanian, Bulgarian, Cebuano, Haitian-Creole, and Gaelic.

Bible Search
Includes several versions.
Each verse is listed on one page in several public domain versions.
Provides translations in English and other languages. English translations include the NIV, the NIV-UK, and the Amplified.

The Boc: New Testament Audio
Listen online or download the New Testament (mp3).

Bread Bible Reading Tool
Linkable Bible in several translations, including a transliterated Greek New Testament and Hebrew Tanach.

Concordant Literal New Testament
By A.E. Knoch. Assigns a fixed meaning to each original language word for use when translated into English.

A Conservative Version
By Dr. Walter L. Porter. The two main reasons to create this translation were: 1) to make a more accurate English translation of the Bible, and 2) to make it free.

Dr. George Lamsa Bible
English translation of the Aramaic (Syriac) Bible used by the Assyrian Church of the East.

Online search engine for canonical texts includes the King James version, RSV, NRSV, and the Westcott and Hort Greek New Testament.

Two versions online (KJV and a new translation) which use Hebrew language names for God and Messiah Jesus in both the Old and New Testaments.

God's Word to the Nations
Modern Lutheran translation based on natural equivalence. Includes the Apocrypha (PDF).

Holman Christian Standard Bible
New translation utilizing global, modern English and produced by multi-denominational, evangelical translators.

The Holy Bible - Urim-Thummim Version
By Dallas E. James. A modern translation of the New Testament employing the KJV and YLT as the "base text". But it also goes deep within the definition range of the Greek text to find specific choices that make the text come alive.

The Hypertext Bible
Crosslinked KJV, Vulgate (Latin), transliterated Greek New Testament, and Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) both with and without vowels. Includes Apocrypha.

It's Bible Time
Formats two parallel columns from KJV, ASV, Young's, and New Revised Standard Versions. Bible reading plan by email.

Biblestudy & tools
Studytools!!! Biblestudies
Blue letter bible
Chr. Online Learning
Bible Reading Plans!!!
The Evidence Bible
Complete Bible Genealogy
Read the Bible 1 Year!

More Bible studies!

Abide in Christ
Series of detailed Bible lessons including: abiding in Christ, salvation by grace, and the true God.

About Him Ministries
Christ centered scripture studies and essays to glorify the Lord. Also Christian missions, book review and humor.

Acts 17:11 Bible Studies
Doctrine, topics, and issues. Study methods and group leadership suggestions.

The Ancient Path
Book outlines and lessons, study tips.

Becoming Closer Adult Bible Fellowship: Meat of the Matter
Original studies by book and topic, from Sunday school classes taught at Eastside Christian Church.

A Better Hope
Studies centered on the themes of victory, encouragement, and direction (principles of church administration and life).

Bible Class Lessons
101 Bible study tips, collection of studies online and downloadable (PDF).

Bible Exposition

Articles on selected topics and Bible passages with an emphasis on Revelation and Daniel. Dispensational perspective.

Bible Study Directory!!!
Online Movies

Your FREE place for christian movies online!

Free Christian movies
See our growing collection of christian movies online!

Jesus Film
"JESUS" is a remarkable film, full of drama. The attention to biblical accuracy catapults you back into the life and time of Jesus Christ. You walk the same historical streets, you experience the same wonderful miracles, and you are touched by the power of God as you relive the most important events in the history of mankind.
Join the millions who have witnessed the majesty of "JESUS" and whose lives have been changed forever. Filmed entirely on location in Israel, "JESUS" lets you feel a part of history in the making.
"JESUS" is more than a story. Virtually every word spoken by Christ comes from the biblical text of the Gospel of Luke. This two-hour film epic will personally challenge you.

Jesus Film - Multi Language
More than 800 Languages and dialects

Jesus Film - Children edition
English and 75 other languages

A question of origins
Watch the entire film or view in segments with Q&A notes. Multi languages!

The great dinosaur mystery 
Did dinosaurs really become extinct millions of years before the existence of humans? This ground-breaking educational film reveals historical and archaeological evidence that dinosaur and man once co-existed.

God's story
GOD, the Creator and Giver of Life. Does He speak? Does He care about us? Can WE know Him? Yes! He spoke, He cares and His message for all people tells us how to know Him...

The Hope
God's redemptive story from beginning to end for every tongue, tribe and nations.

I want to know... 
On a journey filled with ultimate questions? Meet Ethan Johnson, your traveling companion... View Film (6 min.)

Are You going to heaven? 
A look at popular thoughts and biblical reality.

Hell's best kept secret 
Why do so many of those making a decision for Christ fall away from the faith? What is the principle that Spurgeon, Wesley, Whitefield, etc., used to reach the lost? Why has the Church neglected it? Don't let anything stop you from listening to this incredible teaching.

Free listen and watch pages
WATCH Episodes from "The Way of the Master Program" This series is changing timid Christians into bold witnesses across the nation and the world! Watch a few episodes here.

Messages from Heaven
A Biblical Examination of the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary and Other Supernatural Activity in the End Times. Video available in English and Spanish. Reports of paranormal and supernatural activity are on the rise worldwide.